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Chumleys Of Columbus LLC

2  Reviews

(614) 294-2180
1918 N High St
Columbus, OH 43201-1148
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(614) 294-2180

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DON'T WORK HERE It's some of the worst management you'll ever experience. There's an incompetent 'owner' named Deb who physically assaulted her own employee AFTER already spilling an entire drink on the employee, at which she just laughed. This manager can barely pour a drink, let alone run a bar, and needs to be removed from her position as soon as possible. She treats all the staff, the heart of the business, with the most disrespect I have ever experienced at a job. They compensate messed up drinks regularly for the bartenders, but if a server makes an error with any order that server's required to pay for it all. On top of this, servers do all of the side work (rolling silverware, washing dishes, busing tables, wiping down menus, cleaning salt/pepper shakers, cleaning stations, stocking condiments) and are required to tip out the bar for 'pouring drinks'. Last I checked, the kitchen doesn't get tipped out for 'making food'. (By the way, the kitchen staff is all Mexican. They speak very broken English, so enjoy that.) This is, of course, on top of the fact that bartenders already make three times as much in tips as servers. During server meetings, it's hours of complaining about how terrible servers are doing. During bartender meetings, it's 10 minutes of praise and explaining what a perfect job the bartenders are doing. (Servers have been told if they're caught with their cell phones out, they will be confiscated and the server will be written up. Bartenders have their cell phones out in the open 100% of the time and are constantly texting or playing games and checking/updating social media.) Oh, did I mention bartenders drink regularly throughout their shift; but if a server gets caught doing the same, they may very well lose their job? Security is no longer allowed to help bus/clean tables, because cunty Debbie decided that servers aren't busy enough during peak hours. Sooo, security gets to remain stationary the entire shift, not changing positions, not helping servers, not doing anything unless a manager specifically says they need to kick someone out. And if you're a patron going to Chumley's, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T TOUCH THE RAILINGS!! Debcunt will get you removed from the bar by one of her stationary, unable-to-do-anything Security workers. The food's alright. The service is good. The beer's great. The prices are dogshit. Essentially, if you're going to work there or visit there, make damned sure you stay clear of cuntasaurus Debbie. She will devour your soul. P.S. Be prepared to have TWO valid forms of ID ready at the door (a government issued photo ID, and anything else with your name on it).

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It's the worst management ever. The prices are all too high for a campus bar. The employees are generally too young to know anything about mixed drinks or beer selections, and they aren't trained we... read more.

7.5 Miles

(614) 880-3416

6740 N High St, Worthington, OH 43085

"I stopped in the local Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield office in Columbus Ohio. I was gre..."

3.9 Miles

(800) 695-6344

2404 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209

"This company will lie to your face, they are dishonest, do not trust them."

1.6 Miles

(614) 900-8268

2407 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202